Front Porch BBQ has the freshest food in town!

About Us

We are a Competition BBQ Team, BBQ enthusiasts, and Front Porch party throwers in Decatur, GA.  It all started with a 60 dollar smoker from home depot given as a birthday present. A smoker that was used until it literally fell apart from daily use.  Next there came the front porch- a porch in the Oakhurst Neighborhood of Decatur, GA that quickly became the site for BBQ parties and all night cooks of pork butt and brisket.  We are food lovers that are lucky enough to have some smokers and a front porch!


We love BBQ!  Pulled Pork, Brisket, Ribs, Turkey, Wings, Whole Chicken-we smoke it all.  Cooking classic BBQ on coal and wood pits using homemade rubs and sauces to make it truly unique.  Being originally from South Carolina, we know about different kinds of sauces as well- being from the only state with 4 signature sauces.  We make sweet red Coke sauce, Carolina Gold, North Alabama White, our award wining smoked GA peach sauce, and even a thanksgiving inspired cranberry bbq sauce!


 We love cooking BBQ with wood and smoke.  We love the BBQ lifestyle of sitting by the smoker waiting for perfection that only comes from patience and experience.  Hanging out and having fun is half of what BBQ is all about-lets have a front porch party!